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I help people struggling with inner-pain and digestive issues, who are tired of taking drugs and are ready for change through natural solutions- to retrieve and maintain their health.

Does any of this sound like you?

Heart burn. Food sensitivities. Abdominal pain. Headaches. Candida. Eczema. Colitis. Bloating. Nausea. IBS. Inflammations. Depression. Dizziness. Flu symptoms. Hip pain especially on the right. Lower back pain. System weakness. Bowel gas. Fatigue and lethargy. Neck aches/ stiffness. fluid retention. Shoulder issues. Joint pains. 
 Frequent infections
Excess weight
Fitful or interrupted sleep, insomnia, thrush. 
Frequent crying, lack of concentration and focus, feeling a mess, 
mystery illnesses- 
and the list goes on...

with get the benefit of finding your imbalances and CORRECTING them on the following levels in ways tailored to your own personal body's needs...

Stages of a single regular session:

1. Identifying the imbalance related to the problem
2. Finding the nutrition that supports you to be the way you want to be.
3. Correcting the imbalances on the following 4 levels to bring about desired change:

Emotional – methods which change mind-set and emotional conflict
Electrical – includes nerve support, aura leaks, chakra balances and meridian flow in the body and acupressure.
Structural – Lymphatic support and drainage. Skin, bone and muscular support.
Chemical – Endocrine Boost and Balance: hormone harmony for your weight, mood and immunity. Nutritional challenges for major organs.
Original price is £70 per hour-
see Offers for low-cost clinic prices.

When I Broke My Foot "Beyond Repair"...

When I Broke My Foot Beyond Repair...

It's almost the anniversary of a frightful experience that I am still truly grateful for. I am still astounded and in awe. Greater things have happened, surely, but this is my personal miracle-story of what happens when we have a REAL dialogue with the body. This involved listening, responding appropriately, and releasing stuck emotion. All with Kinesiology- without which there could have been no understanding, therefore no real listening and no actual dialogue.

This post is a piece I wrote two months after I broke my foot "beyond repair"... for those reading who have no hope, or don't know where to start, or where to turn to... for those so overwhelmed they don't feel they can make a decision or take action... I repost this.

Nearly a year ago, I broke my foot in 2 places. 

One of which was the 5th metatarsal and my ankle muscles were in a bad way- all torn up. The trauma in the muscles was so intense, my foot would spasm during rest and the muscles would tear themselves and I could see as capillaries exploded with bleeding the long of my foot.

This was evidently emotional and I couldn't relate it to the fall. In fact, the fall itself embodied my emotional state at the time of my accident when my root chakra was in knots. Briefly- my sense of safety felt compromised and my flexibility for allowing change was at war with my instinct to feel safe! The root chakra happens to govern feeling rooted, safe and is very linked to the feet.

After the 6th week of being in a cast, I took new X-rays...

expecting to find positive change. Doctors said my foot was not mending, on the contrary- the fracture was widening and creeping further into the rest of the foot. He said it was unlikely to heal because circulation was almost non existent to that part of the foot and that it was "the worse kind of break". Even showed me my X-ray and zoomed into the problem areas to prove it.

He said I would never fully heal, even if I did recover, he estimated between 8-12 months for whatever calcification was possible. Why so long? Because I was 38 and bones don't knit so fast at this time of life. It would have been lucky if they were to knit at least 50% in my case.

For those 6 weeks I have been taking large doses of the best quality Vit D, Vit C, Calcium Magnesium, and all that was needed for structural bone repair. I could see the effects in my hair! I was getting 3 month's worth of growth in one week!! So why didn't my bone get any of the nutrition?

Nutrition is important- but not enough. 

Kinesiology helped me direct the nutrition to the injury. During sessions we targeted all my emotions and the site of injury, removed embedded trauma and programmed my body to prioritise the injury as the main Receptor of my nutrition.
I also could determine WHICH nutrition was necessary for my specific case!

Thanks to the emotional release I was doing, I was allowing myself to have fun and live life to the fullest. I took off my cast (it was a boot) and with my crutches hiked up cliff-side towns, walked on river beds and canoed down the Dordogne. I surrounded myself with loving friends and trusted that it was my own decision whether my bones knit and not what science or others pronounced upon me. We are human. We are not limited by science. We go BEYOND it.

This scary experience of being told my age and my body was going against me was a grand opportunity to live the truth. Time is on our side. It's never too late- Love moves everything forward, and Kinesiology is an intelligent way of communicating and cooperating with the body. What better way to show my life-long partner that I love it and I'm grateful?

4 weeks after being told I'm getting WORSE 

....and that mending would be partial and slow - if I'm lucky
... A new X-ray is taken.


My foot was fully mended. No fractures - 100% calcification. It didn't take 8 months. It didn't take the normal 6 weeks. It took 4 weeks to reverse the whole thing.
So there.
I know first hand how Kinesiology could target relevant emotions that relate to specific problems and how it can communicate with the body regarding not only what nutrition is necessary, but also where to direct it and to what purpose. Nothing is random and there is no forcing the body to do your bidding. There is utmost respect for it, working WITH it like a true partner and receiving great rewards at the end.

In truth, the body wants what you want. We just need to work together with the body to achieve it via relevant communication. As long as Life Force runs through us, it IS possible.

Thank You, Creator, for speaking to us through our cellular existence. Thank You for living within our very cells and for the divine tool that I have taken for granted so often- my body!

If you're interested in support for yourself, you can contact me here.
This is for you if you'd like to assistance with :
* Past injury/ surgery and traumas related
* Stress impacting your structural wellness
* Anxieties about a clinical issue. 
* Fear you won’t recover fast enough.
* If you have mended your wound, but it twinges when the weather turns bad etc.

Ego Obesity. Interview with My Ego

Hey, Ego. We’ve been together a long time now. But what ARE you exactly?
I’m a body of fears and stress-emotions.

I remember when you were obese. You’re getting quite plump these days. Could one have an obese ego and still be a great person?

You say you’re a body of fear. Are Me and You the same thing?

Could my Ego lose weight?

How does an Ego gain weight?
From misinterpreting experiences, accumulating unprocessed emotions from stress- (some emotions are low calorie but they stack up with time!) and some of these fear-based emotions aren’t yours, they are stray pieces of energy you could pick up from others without noticing. Sympathy with others- including TV dramas helps the ego gain weight too. Last but not least- believing lies about yourself makes an ego pretty flabby. Did you know some of your hidden fears were inherited? Those are the heaviest calories.

Does an Ego need a diet?
Nope. Just some lipo. Lose the weight on the day!

If my Ego loses body-mass, what would happen to me??
Like Baloo said … Life would COME TO YOU.
You would be young at heart..
Feel yourself flourishing..
Feel connection with Life, Love, Fun..
Be inspired..
Regain energy..
Naturally go for things that felt difficult in the past..
Naturally do well with ease..

Why are you here?
You made me to protect you. And then you forgot you put me there. I don’t really want you to know that because when you remember you don’t need me, you’ll throw me away… that scares me. So I remind you to be scared and stay scared so you'd employ me. Don’t want you to notice me.

Don’t be scared. Although you make me do things I regret and stop me from doing things I long for… I am grateful that you did all you know to protect me. I value that. I won’t hurt you- just let you go on vacation. Take a break! and let's chisel your figure before you go :)

How much does your ego weigh?

For an 'Ego-lipo-suction' session, get in touch. It’s fun, respects your privacy, uninstalls stuck emotion, and is totally painless. No telling life-stories, no talking about the past, no revisiting childhood issues or hypnosis. Just quick muscle tests to locate hidden unconscious emotions that could be slowing things down for you in friendship, work, or even a health issue. Then we uninstall it!

Some comments from previous clients:

"I can't describe how it felt. So much has changed, it's like I walked out of my old life and into my new one!" - J. H

"I was in so much pain, I didn't think it would go so soon. I can't understand how such acute pain could just disappear like that, but it did." - B.A

Cracking the Code to Rejuvenation

Cracking the Code to Rejuvenation

What if the fountain of youth was closer than you thought?

Want to know how to get your body reset to factory settings? what are the things that slow it down?? I bet you never really heard of it before!   Transforming your Body-Energy and pain into Vitality using natural techniques will be revealed on this talk. So simple we over-look it. Come join us in Cardiff Tycio Wellbeing centre and find out - you so deserve to be aware of this. See attached £5 ticket and redeem it against something from the March treatments at Tycio! 
Booking is essential, places are limited. 
Contact Tycio on 02920 626003

Do You Have "Fix Me Now"Syndrome?

Do You Have "Fix Me Now"Syndrome?

Do One-off Sessions Work?

I get asked a lot about how many sessions a person needs to feel better. This post is about the reality of any healing modality, the way the body behaves and how things work in Kinesiology specifically.

So what should we expect from a natural health care process like Kinesiology?

The number of sessions depends very much on the client and how fully they engage with suggested plans. In my Kinesiology sessions, typically, the initial 3-6 visits facilitate:

  • A full exploration of organ imbalances related to symptoms.
  • A rebalancing and correcting of imbalances on 4 levels
  • Nutritional
  • Structural
  • Emotional 
  • Electrical
  • Formulation of a personalised well-being plan and dietary advice.

These combined are powerful because they kickstart the body's innate auto-repair mechanisms to do what they were designed to do: self-repair.  Follow-up sessions every other month or so are recommended to support this process and keep the body reminded of its optimum capacity to work its magic. This gets a bit sluggish when faced with stress and little episodes of "illness" here and there.

Is Timing Important?

Depending on the severity of the main condition, clients could book every 4 weeks, every 6 weeks or every 8 weeks. When symptoms present themselves for several years, the general expectation is that the necessary sessions would at first be once a fortnight, then every 4 weeks.

When to expect results...

As a general rule- If, for example, the problem was endured for 6 years, the sessions should have assisted with the symptom's source by the end of 6 months. If the problem was endured for 6 months, it would have been supported by the end of 6 weeks.

Please keep in mind that this is general, as all bodies and people are different. I have found that many people see a difference early on. Especially those who persevere with advice given for after-treatment care. As for clearing the problem properly, this takes commitment to well-timed follow-up sessions for maintenance. In addition, addressing lifestyle habits that have given rise to the symptoms is part of the treatment. A lot of coaching and lifting emotional blocks are employed in my sessions to ease the client into a new way of being and doing that does not feel alien or uncomfortable. We all self-sabotage and sessions help to minimise this!

Honestly- how much of life has happened to you in the last month?

It is important to bear in mind that the body is constantly changing. When we cut our nails today, do we expect them to stay the same by the end of the week? When we get a new hair-cut, is that a permanent fixture till the end of the month? We all know this is not the case. The same applies to all parts of the body - organs are also constantly asking for maintenance. They are not in the same condition we left them in last month. And so much happens in 4 weeks on an emotional and chemical level, it is hard to believe that the body would remain static.

That sounds like too much work. Why is this better than traditional medicine?

It is not a question of being better or worse. Each has a role to play. Kinesiology is a preventative treatment, as opposed to mainstream medicine, which steps in when there is a clinical ailment.

What is an ailment?

An ailment only arises after a lot of imbalances have already occurred and persisted for a long time without being addressed. This means that ailments are chronic imbalances already.

In the Far East, people employ doctors to keep them well. They are not there for 'fixing' ailments, they are there for regular maintenance treatments. When a person is ill once in the year, the doctor is forgiven. When a person falls ill twice, people question whether or not their doctor is any good. However, commitment from the client is crucial to the results of the treatments- such as drinking water in healthy amounts, which no one can implement for the client.

Even with traditional medicine, we find the importance of regular upkeep regarding taking medication, watching blood pressure and blood sugar levels necessary. It is rare to find that medicine "fixes" problems, especially if problems stem from habits.

So where did we learn that a pill will "fix" everything?

Perhaps it began with soap? When one household item changed the incessant spreading of disease? Or perhaps it started with Penicillin which saved many lives and left a deep emotional impact on us. This was at the point where so much grief and terror due to rampant disease, and when existentialist beliefs started preaching chaos and random chance was actually the way the world ran. The new breakthroughs and scientific discoveries gave a sense of control. It de-mystified people's eyes of superstition. This sense of control and discovery of new realities combined with grief, had people disregarding all they knew which carried them through many difficulties.

Except for old women- they tended to keep their herbal remedies and ritual body-work healing close to heart. And whoever gave that any respect in the presence of the great vaccine that brought people back to life so quickly? It basically gave them immunity against death! Understandably, it was very easy to throw out the bath water with the baby in it too. However science has never discounted the importance of life changing habits and lifestyle patterns. Isn't that what soap has brought with it? We take it for granted because we use it all the time, so forget that not so long ago, this was a commodity for those who enjoyed luxuries. Massage for many still remains a luxury. Within living memory, reflexology and chiropractic care was a nonsense.

Think broad-strokes

If we zoom out of our point in history and look at the last 300 - 500 years, it will show how events, traumatic and joyous, were so filled with deep emotion, these being passed down to us as a legacy through generations, has blinded us a little. As a detached observer, we might see that there are gems of practical common sense we have tossed aside because the modern world expects everything to appear with a single click. Time and perseverance is still necessary for things to change meaningfully. But more importantly, being honest with oneself is what matters most. Pills help a lot, but the root of the problem might well be within us- from habits in the way we think and do things. This is something we cannot touch. It is non-physical. It is then logical to deduce that it cannot be truly addressed with a physical thing like a pill.

If time and care seem too difficult to adopt via regular maintenance, I invite you to ask yourself where in life you feel you're not worth the time and care?

If you would like to know more about how I can help, contact me to work on getting your vitality back up and how you can commit to yourself.