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I help people struggling with inner-pain and digestive issues, who are tired of taking drugs and are ready for change through natural solutions- to retrieve and maintain their health.

Transform your Body-Energy and pain into Vitality... Natural Keys to Living a Balanced Life

Does any of this sound like you?

Heart burn. Food sensitivities. Abdominal pain. Headaches. Candida. Eczema. Colitis. Bloating. Nausea. IBS. Inflammations. Depression. Dizziness. Flu symptoms. Hip pain especially on the right. Lower back pain. System weakness. Bowel gas. Fatigue and lethargy. Neck aches/ stiffness. fluid retention. Shoulder issues. Joint pains. 
 Frequent infections
Excess weight
Fitful or interrupted sleep, insomnia, thrush. 
Frequent crying, lack of concentration and focus, feeling a mess, 
mystery illnesses- 
and the list goes on...

with get the benefit of finding your imbalances and CORRECTING them on the following levels in ways tailored to your own personal body's needs...

Stages of a single regular session:

1. Identifying the imbalance related to the problem
2. Finding the nutrition that supports you to be the way you want to be.
3. Correcting the imbalances on the following 4 levels to bring about desired change:

Emotional – methods which change mind-set and emotional conflict
Electrical – includes nerve support, aura leaks, chakra balances and meridian flow in the body and acupressure.
Structural – Lymphatic support and drainage. Skin, bone and muscular support.
Chemical – Endocrine Boost and Balance: hormone harmony for your weight, mood and immunity. Nutritional challenges for major organs.
Original price is £70 per hour-
see Offers for low-cost clinic prices.



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Coffee and Your Love Life

Coffee and Your Love Life

Coffee sensitivity 

How sensitive are you to this beverage? Everyone's metabolism differs, so one can only know by experience. In this post I explore the effects of coffee on key systems and on romance. For good reason!

What if you ask yourself this scary question: 

"What would my day be like without a coffee?"

What was your first emotional response to this? Was it :

  • "I don't need to consider that."
  • "OMG I'm not trying that- beyond my comfort zone."
  •  Feelings of aggravation.
  • "Won't make much difference I only have 1 - 3 cups a day."

These are the typical answers I get from coffee dependent clients. People tend to change the amount of coffee they admit to drinking: from a few a day to just the odd one during the week, within the same conversation! Something funny about that, wouldn't you say?

I invite you to ask yourselves and imagine
"What would I feel like without caffeinated tea/coffee"?

Many might think how tired they feel without it. Especially with age and all the things that demand time and focus. We're so tired, and “at our age” we need a boost!

It's not age. It's adrenal exhaustion.

For coffee drinkers, those adrenal glands are whipped daily as part of the morning regime..
As a stimulant that acts like a slave driver to push you through the day, how helpful is coffee to a stressful life?
Do you have anxiety or depression? or perhaps MS? Coffee might not be your friend, I can tell you first hand.
Less coffee = less tears and worry! Less jittery nerves.

But I drink a special, whole, organic blend

Regarding the worn-out feeling we blame on life, coffee is not on our side because it taxes the body and adds to the feeling of stress without us detecting it as such. This is due to the levels of cortisol deployed into the body, a stress hormone, being stimulated by coffee. So imagine if you've already got high levels of this fight/fight hormone, how could stimulating it further work in your favour?

Cortisol is also involved in controlling metabolism and affecting insulin sensitivity. Without getting too scientific, I will just add that when cortisol levels are high, the thyroid and liver are over-worked. We rely heavily on both for balanced weight.

Let the doctor tell you: when it concerns cortisol, "Not many of us think about PMS, low libido, heavy or irregular periods, or amenorrhea.  Or how disruption in sex hormone levels can lead to low thyroid function and osteoporosis.  Or infertility. But those are also consequences of chronic stress for women."- Dr. Sarah Ballantyne.

Coffee is Sexy

Coffee smells sexy, and thanks to Clooney, looks sexy, but it does not feel sexy. Being cool, (sexier than being manic) and being calm within, is a battle with this stimulant coursing through our veins- giving us a nervous aura, which never is an asset. Believe me, we always know when someone is pretending to be cool.

Did I mention elevated cortisol levels make you gain weight around the midriff? Dark circles under the eyes and water retention are not sexy either. And these don't have to be permanent fixtures- one less beverage in life is all it might take. It's a hard trade off, I know. But consider my next point:

How Deep is Your Love?

Many times I've heard people complain they've lost their libido.
Coffee stole it.
Yes... the culprit that promised energy has caused so much adrenal fatigue, it directly impacts one’s interest, or whether or not we can "be bothered" at all. It blunts your love-life. And that's not all it stole..

Mineral absorption

At the risk of getting on your bad side, (I'm only trying to boost your love life!) I can't overlook how caffein can impede the absorption of these important minerals for healthy drive and more importantly, hormonal balance-

Zinc (also a great defender of the immune system)
Iron (the stuff of life)
Magnesium (relaxes muscles, supports nerve function and strengthens bones, synthesises protein and deserves a blog post for itself.)

All help to combat the oxidative effects of stress. As opposed to what coffee does, they support the system and we feel relaxed because we are strong enough not to go into over-drive and try hard at just existing physically. Trying hard is NOT fun. It’s work. Who wants all sectors of their life to be classed as work?

Coffee is also notorious as a diuretic. Drinking coffee is like flirting with UTI, as it tends to aggravate the bladder meridian, and as an irritant to the bowel, can cause problems to key digestive muscles. All of this is gets in the way of sexiness!

"But coffee gives me an attractive energy burst- I become a can do person!"

Energy for what?
Constantly moving and talking and thinking without reflecting is not questionable these days. BUT...

Does your thyroid appreciate this? 

Did you ask its opinion? As a Kinesiologist, I can help you with that. But if you would like to know what a medical doctor thinks, Sara Gottfied MD says "Coffee Hijacks Thyroid Levels".

Why do I feel sick drinking water and staying away from coffee? 

Toxicity levels are high. When we wash out the poison with water ( we can only properly rinse out with water), the toxins start to find ways of being flushed out. When we feel this, it makes us feel sick. Some people become ill for a good week after detoxing from this, which should raise many eyebrows about what coffee is doing.

Alternatives to coffee for a good energy boost

You're going to need a powerful adaptogen to help you feel relaxed and nourished. So if you think coffee will help with a hangover, try an adaptogen instead.
As the body is stressed from the after-effects of being jolted in the mornings with coffee, and then forced to wind down with evening wine, the nervous system needs strengthening.

Are you tired of trying to keep up and unsatisfied with how much work it takes to wind down? Are you looking for ways to remove unseen pain and ebbing life-force to simply go about doing menial tasks? Are you feeling spent and discouraged? Are you feeling overwhelmed with things that everyone seems to be doing with ease?
Do you depend heavily on your health, because otherwise you will not get paid when you're ill?
Resurrecting your body back to vitality is perhaps an answer, and I can help you with that. You can contact me here to arrange a personalised plan of action.

Cravings Decoded Part ii

Your Cravings Decoded Part ii


Ever considered that a food craving could be your body alerting you to a nutritional deficiency?
But what if you're craving unhealthy food? what sort of nutrition is it craving then?
It's a coded message!

In this post, I will explore some food cravings to interpret the body's shout-out for nutrients and look at what these nutrients do. I will also look at how unhealthy foods could hinder nutrient absorption and make you want to 'stop tomorrow' instead of now. Keys on how it's counter food can assist you are included.

Summary of Coded Messages Interpreted:

CravingBody's True Wish
Greasy FoodOmega Oils
Sugary StarchesChromium / Emotional Support
SaltTrace Minerals

An experiment to try for those who love pastries, fries and pasties:

Take Evening Primrose oil, or Omega 3;6;9 or even Borage oil from a good, reliable brand. Contact me for assistance with which Omega your body finds most potent. If you supplement with these at the dose fitted to your needs daily for a week, observe your emotional reaction to the smell of a pasty shop. Or even the taste!

Be careful not to get Omegas from a regular health store, as products have to be irradiated by law, which damages these omega oils and causes them to be rancid due to the processing. This would defeat the purpose of eliminating cravings for pastries and fried foods, because the damaged omegas are full of rancid fats just like the pastries and fries.

What are rancid fats?

Rancid fats are oils and fats which were exposed to heat or strong light. If present in the body, they act like cling-film around the cells, forming barriers which stop us from receiving nutrition even if nutrients are taken in high quantities. Rancid oils take up to 40 days to be fully eliminated. Example of foods with rancid fats: Croissants, crisps and pasties.

Without Omega oils, we cannot repair cells or feed them, or cover our precious nerves or nourish our brains. That craving for greasy food is a loud cry for Omega oils. Replace these with Omegas and watch your endless cravings dissolve.

What About SUGAR Cravings?

Why would we crave this? I will mention 2 BIG reasons.

One of the many reasons is: Emotion.

There is a part of the brain which is responsible for the 'reward' pathway, which sends out "give me rewards!" signals, especially if we have been working hard too long, or if our inner talk has been less than kind and very demanding on us.
A good way to counter this is to laugh, get cuddles, hugs, and change your inner talk. Be kind to yourself! This is a work in progress that deserves time and practice.

The Emotional Solution:

Change your thoughts via Emotional Healing, and that should change your inner chemistry. Remember: Thoughts create secretions- it is law unto the Endocrine system!
It is also good to know that specific food cravings are linked to specific emotions and this can be addressed in a pin-pointed way in session. If emotions are at the bottom of your cravings, check out EFT under Transformational Coaching to get to the bottom of this and let it go.

Another solution is to extinguish the reward signal with a nutrient. This nutruent is mentioned in the 2nd reason for cravings:

Master of your Nervous System: the Hypothalamus.

The Hypothalamus is a part of the brain that gets us craving sugar and is involved with the feeling of being full in order to limit eating. In order to signal to the body that you're full, it requires LEPTIN, a satiety-hormone.
When Leptin levels fall, the Hypothalamus senses starvation and this 'Brain starvation' makes us want refined carbs and sugar!
But the consumption of these impairs Leptin signalling- which makes us want refined carbs and sugar!
So we give in and eat this causing Leptin Resistance, and guess what it makes us crave to save it from imagined 'starvation'?
Refined Carbs and sugar. Result: A munchies attack- where the Hypothalamus doesn't get the chance to say "I'm full". So guess what we crave again?
It's a downward spiral.

Does it look clearer why we can't quite have "the last one" from the Bourbon pack? or why we can't be full enough and want more of those crisps or chocolates? Why it's always "I'll stop tomorrow" ?


"Chromium... shows improvement in blood sugar control" - Babi Chana BSc.Nut.Med.BANT.CHNC, 2015*

In this article, Chana notes that Chromium, an essential micro-mineral, "shows reversals" in this cycle or in any signs of abnormalities in glucose-metabolism. Chromium supplements "enhances the action of insulin... optimises the activity and numbers of insulin receptors..."

It stops the cravings and sugar spikes! This means Leptin will now stand a chance to reach the Hypothalamus and proclaim: "I'm full!!"
Leptin also extinguishes the reward signal, so we don't feel so needy and want sweets. In food, Chromium is absorbed in very small amounts. According to Chana, absorption ranges from 0.5 to 2% and is excreted with the intake of sugar. "In humans, the absorption... or bioavailability of chromium is exceptionally poor", says Chana. Which is why supplementing to beat the cravings help us regain the upper hand.

Which Chromium blend works for you?

For those of us who crave salt-

Have you considered that this may be a wish for trace minerals?
A good herb and mineral blend can be your saviour. I can help with finding which one speaks to you most. You can also check which individual minerals you're lacking without a blood-test. Ask me how!

Cravings can also be signalling:

An unstable gut. To explore this further, refer to the post "Cravings Decoded Part i".
Contact me if you would like a full, accurate exploration of what vitamins and minerals you need and which blends make the most impact on you.

*A fully referenced article in PDF format is available on request from

Gripe is A-foot This Season. Many of You Are Invited. (That's a Good Thing)

Gripe is A-foot this Season. Many of You Are Invited. 

And The Pressure is On!

It's the most wonderful time of the year. When we repeat patterns. What makes us do it? Do we have to?

For many, reuniting with family and colleagues can be something we do not want to do. We just do it because everyone else does and because we always have done and because of expectations. As a species, we want to belong.

There is an unspoken fear - of old, unhealthy relationship paradigms resurfacing. But might this be a good thing?
In this post I explore how the stresses of tribal gatherings can be helpful, as well as how they relate to IBS.

The Stress of Tribal Reunions

Facing this and reliving it is a difficult feat. To some, at the risk of sounding rather dramatic, it's like walking through the shadows of the valley of death. If I were to speak in a sober manner, I would say it may instigate and aggravate IBS. The emotions run high enough to disrupt smooth digestives flow and to distress particular intestinal muscles which could either cause constipation or diarrhea. Gripe is afoot this season.

Heightened emotion, suppressed stress and triggers of old forgotten feelings abound - and all around food! During meal times! In a repetitive way. Imagine how our bodies learn to therefore respond to food?
Tapping into unconscious pain could remind affected major organs and significant muscular reflexes of traumas, or learnt illness. Yes, it was learnt.

How can illness be learnt?

Do you ever curl your toes when you see someone embarrass themselves? Do you ever tense up your bum watching dangerous driving or something similar? Do you ever slightly hunch forward tensely in anticipation of getting work done right and almost missing deadlines? Do you ever feel sharp abdominal pains with anxiety from a hectic life of worry?
All this is natural muscle response to triggers. What would it be like to meet the same triggers everyday for a good 20 years since birth? That trigger would be family and family situations. Especially around meals.

What do you think your innards have been doing as a response all that time?
What do you suppose your innards do now when you're re-exposed to old repetitive situations that play on your nerves and push your buttons since days of youth? Your body on the inside really does respond the way your curling toes and tensed-up bums do.

Repetitively tensed muscles in the gut during specific recurring situations teach the body to respond in a way that can disrupt the rhythm of bowel movements and the body forgets when it should evacuate, how soon it should let go, or even the feeling of needing to go can be forgotten. It can all lead to IBS and if this has improved with time, revisiting old uncomfortable situations can revive IBS symptoms. Aches on either side of the torso are a common sign.

I must mention as well, all the brave people, who endure the season's key moments in the resounding absence of a loved one. This experience, like all emotions, are very individual. However, the gut is common to us all, and it too, responds to this stress.  A common pain / fear that may be embedded in the digestive tract is the "lack of control" of a situation. Does this remind you of how your bowel behaves?
There is a mind-body connection here.

Emotional and gut healing go hand in hand and I have had significant success with this. At times you might think you've healed, and surely you have. But the body still holds a few memories that need to go. These are easily revealed with a muscle test and many methods to dissolve them are available.

In light of this, I invite you to ask yourselves: do these situations really deserve a "bah humbug" ?

The Benefits of Stress from Tribal Gatherings and Significant Loss

These situations really serve to highlight how much we have evolved and to help us observe what no longer affects us, what no longer matters to us and what we have yet to over-come and heal. It helps us pin-point where some of our fears and self-Imposed limitations come from. It reminds us of forgotten wounds, that when remembered (not to wallow in) but to use as information, can greatly assist us on our paths to
* UNLEARNING our pain.
* To regaining true composure.
* To re-setting our gut's response to life and food.
* To reminding the body how to safely interpret food and eliminate the unnecessary
* To digest our past experiences safely.
* To remind the intestinal muscles to relax and stop responding to old stressors
* To function the way they do on "factory settings" rather than learnt illness.

I have been to Hell and back with this. I know the road and would happily share the way out with you.
Contact me if you wish to book an initial consultation and learn more about various packages.