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I help people struggling with inner-pain and digestive issues, who are tired of taking drugs and are ready for change through natural solutions- to retrieve and maintain their health.

Transform your Body-Energy and pain into Vitality... Natural Keys to Living a Balanced Life

Does any of this sound like you?

Heart burn. Food sensitivities. Abdominal pain. Headaches. Candida. Eczema. Colitis. Bloating. Nausea. IBS. Inflammations. Depression. Dizziness. Flu symptoms. Hip pain especially on the right. Lower back pain. System weakness. Bowel gas. Fatigue and lethargy. Neck aches/ stiffness. fluid retention. Shoulder issues. Joint pains. 
 Frequent infections
Excess weight
Fitful or interrupted sleep, insomnia, thrush. 
Frequent crying, lack of concentration and focus, feeling a mess, 
mystery illnesses- 
and the list goes on...

with get the benefit of finding your imbalances and CORRECTING them on the following levels in ways tailored to your own personal body's needs...

Stages of a single regular session:

1. Identifying the imbalance related to the problem
2. Finding the nutrition that supports you to be the way you want to be.
3. Correcting the imbalances on the following 4 levels to bring about desired change:

Emotional – methods which change mind-set and emotional conflict
Electrical – includes nerve support, aura leaks, chakra balances and meridian flow in the body and acupressure.
Structural – Lymphatic support and drainage. Skin, bone and muscular support.
Chemical – Endocrine Boost and Balance: hormone harmony for your weight, mood and immunity. Nutritional challenges for major organs.
Original price is £70 per hour-
see Offers for low-cost clinic prices.

Your Cravings Decoded Part I

Your Cravings Decoded Part I

Being Part of Nature

Ever wonder whose cravings these are? I bet you thought they were all yours. What if I told you that we, as humans, are hosts to thousands of microscopic creatures living in us and on us? That's the nature of things. And that's not a problem. We are literally part of nature and nature is part of us. Therefore, what you find outside of your body, you will also find exists inside your body.

But if the environment inside the body - that is to say- our gut biome, is out of balance and our own gut flora is outnumbered by other organisms, little things start to happen which go unnoticed before serious trouble begins. One of those little things is food cravings and unhealthy food preferences like sweet coffees and fries and such. These are basically orders for take away directed at you by the microscopic neighbours your'e hosting. Yes- they are actually demands made by the parasites, fungal beings and little critters galore.

Ok, ok. It's not the ONLY reason for cravings. I won't be so apocalyptic about it. Not that I have a problem with micro-organisms living in me and on me. It's just natural and I'm part of nature. The problem is the population balance here. I would like to live comfortably WITH these creatures. Not be a victim of them. The balance needs to be righted, and we can help it along.

Did I mention being part of nature? It does take coming to terms with in these times of control-the-environment modernity. It is important to find the acceptance that we are sharing our bodies with other organisms and not go into super-sterilising, mega-detoxing, permanent spartan diets. After all,  "we are only 10% human" as the saying goes. True or not, you get the picture.

Holding your own territory as a human in this body

As a practitioner I remember feeling light headed and dizzy when certain topics on parasite-domination were explained to us by lecturing master-practitioners. I wanted to shriek and faint. These things were happening inside me no doubt, as they are happening to all of us.

Take bio-films for instance. Very common. This is an intelligent living group of microorganisms who network with, and recruit, various harmful bacteria to form a colony-web. They are all dependent on the nutrition you supply and on your vulnerability. They get together and agree to source nutrition for each other, sending signals to you that you must eat mac&cheese, sticky toffee and smoky bacon. They LOVE junk food. They are very persuasive and can easily confuse your body. That is why "the gut is the second brain". Forming a solid hard net over an organ, this net is made of the micro-organisms' own bodies standing side by side as one great army, to prevent nutrients from nourishing the organ's defences. They eat away at the protective mucous lining of the organ and encase it in this net to prevent the mucous coating from growing back. An example of this net can sometimes be seen on teeth- it's called plaque. If you know what that's like then you know that it's quite solid. When this happens on an organ, it is typical to start gaining weight around the area where these bio-films are.

Is this fair?!
I'm gonna bust them to oblivion!!
And then I'll forgive them and accept being part of nature.

And you can too.

It doesn't take a great deal. It sounds like they are many and we are few. But a simple mineral like Magnesium, for example, could dissolve this hardened net quite easily. Supplementing with the right kind of bio-available Magnesium can restore a lot. The bio-film would just melt away.

Here's an experiment 

For brushing your teeth, apply your toothpaste on your brush and add some drops of ionic Magnesium from Metabolics to that. Brush as normal, keeping it on your teeth for a little longer than usual before rinsing out well. Do this for roughly 10 -14 days and if done regularly, you'll notice your teeth become brighter as if you've had them treated. (Careful not to swallow this mixture when you're cleaning your teeth because it would contain toxins from the plaque).

Supplementing with minerals like Magnesium is one weapon you have. Choosing to eat things like coriander, celery and parsley is also very effective. Most greens alkalise the body and this is key. Although the topic of alkalising one's food intake has become repetitive - I dare say this:

Parasites, fungus and harmful bacteria need 2 things to thrive in the body:

  1. An acidic environment.
  2. Inflammation.

One leads to the other. So the tactic is, keep the environment unwelcome and they can't over-power. Keep inflammation down, and how can they thrive?
While you remove their favoured environment, they cannot nest and you can start to build your gut back and free up your organs.

NB:  Microwave meals regularly eaten = feast for colonies forming on major organs.
Fell on a pre-pared, tasty dish and cookies? Never mind:


Good fibres from green veggies, prebiotics and probiotics in your food choices, will build you a gut-army worthy of Rome. Composed of friendly micro-flora, it will defend you. Your gut-biome needs you! So recruit.

We wouldn't dream of neglecting our pets and overlook deworming them, or omit checking for parasites and addressing such issues, right? Should we be doing that to ourselves?

Who pulled the power-plug out?

The longer parasites / fungus are left in us, the more sluggish the body's rejuvenation and inner-repair mechanisms become and many key systems are compromised. BONES being one. Many things that we blame on age, like aching joints, fibro-, weight gain, are down to this gut-biome imbalance rather than age and proven disease.

You're a super-being

Don't despair. To keep you alkalised and inflammation-free, your body's auto-correcting mechanism does wonders. It just needs a revival after it was so quietly lulled  by those microscopic guests. I provide in-clinic balancing protocols that kick start your body's own repair-mechanisms to remove inflammation and therefore vulnerability. You alkalise more easily.

A simple muscle test reveals the most hidden and subtle imbalance and detects the presence of unwelcome guests. Never heard of a muscle test? If you want to spare yourself the hassle of stool tests and blood tests that may leave some bugs undetected and may take time for results, contact me, as I provide muscle tests in my clinic.
With the same muscle test you can find- rather than guess- exactly which supplement will rid you of nasties and what best to use to repopulate your gut flora.

Remember- it is not about having an everlasting limited diet. It is about alkalising by feeding yourself nourishment, rather than ready-made-preservative-filled food. keeping down inflammation. It is about kick-starting your auto-repair mechanisms in clinic to speed things along. Combine all this and you're all set.

In part II of this topic, I will be sharing what YOUR body is signalling to you for wanting certain foods.

Today I will end by taking inspiration from Shelley's words ..

Rise, like lions after slumber
Your gut-flora in unvanquishable number!
Shake your bio-films to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you:
They may be many—
But it's time they withdrew !

Lack : A New Way of Seeing

Lack: A New Way of Seeing

Is lack a friend or foe? 

It is vilified in many spiritual discussions. It is also what many blame their cravings and binge eating on. It is a hunger for something more.. more than food. But it's too painful to look at, so it is numbed with food.

This post is more of a short note about eating to fill a void. It is more of a post for the emotional body and spiritual psychology, than my previous posts on nutrition and the bio-chemical realities of gut-bugs and other wonders. There are many emotional reasons people eat. I will be exploring feelings of emptiness here.

"Every craftsman searches for what is not there"
- Rumi

Lack and fear of lack: the lonely void.
Quick fix: avoid.
Method: eat.

Feeling lack could bring these in its wake:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Need
  • Feeling Isolated
  • Feeling Ungrounded
  • Discomfort
  • Innovation
  • Inspiration
  • Rebirth
  • New goals
  • Connecting with self
  • Recognizing The Essence that binds all that is
If we withheld for a little while from numbing unpleasant feelings...
If we allowed ourselves to feel it's ok and safe to sense this pain, something magical happens. We give birth to something important- a new way of being and doing. Lack and emptiness might be an unwelcome friend, but many times, it is a friend.

'Every craftsman searches for what is not there...
...A water-carrier picks the empty pot
A carpenter stops at the house with no door
Workers rush toward some hint of emptiness, which they then start to fill
Their hope, though, is for emptiness,
So do not think you must avoid it.
It contains what you need!
...God has allowed some magical reversal to occur..."

I invite you to think about this ...
Without this lack, squirrels would have never developed wings.

What do squirrels have to do with your problems? Well, just that this phase of pain and the feeling of the void is a part of life and applies to everything. It is not personal. It just is. Yet it gives wings!

I invite you to explore what kind of wings your emptiness is bringing into form. Contact me if you would like to journey on this with support using EFT creative exercises in order to regain and strengthen trust in your challenging experience.

The 5 Myths of Moo-Juice

Milk Strengthens Bones and Other Ancient Myths

"Finish your milk, child." 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that milk provides calcium and strong bones. A cup of milk should contain 300mg of calcium. Mother told me so. So did everyone's mum, AND everyone's school. And doctors even.

In this article I explore some long held beliefs through the lens of science and natural health. Some of these myths are like stubborn etchings that won't go away and some of these myths have been tossed aside but might actually be true!

Let me start with the first myth to clarify what Dairy is:

1. Dairy means eggs?

I have been asked on numerous occasions if dairy means eggs and cheese.
The definition of dairy is: milk based products.

2. Milk and cheese are seen as the builders of good bones and teeth.

Here's the news...

Dairy causes calcium loss.
Dairy raises the acidic value of the body. For this reason, the body immediately gets to work neutralising it. In order to do this, it pulls calcium out of the bones and uses it to alkalise the body's pH, and as soon as it does this, the used calcium is expelled through urine. In the end, more calcium is used up just neutralising the acidic effect of dairy than is actually gained from eating it. Is it really worth using up the supplies in our bones for a deficit?

Why is it specifically Calcium that is used to neutralise the acidic value?

"Calcium in the body is found in the form of calcium carbonate- it plays a huge role in the Carbonic Acid Cycle which is essential in maintaining the body's pH levels. In this cycle, the calcium carbonate hooks up to the excess acid introduced to the system and neutralises it. This alkalises the blood"- Fatima Ford, Nutritionist.

And why is the calcium taken from the bones of all places?

Because bones are the largest store-house for calcium in the body.

What about organic/ raw milk?

There are over 50 active hormones that occur naturally in the breast milk of various animals. That's ok. Same applies to human breast milk. But human breast milk matches human DNA and this is not a hazard to our species when ingested. However cow milk, for instance, contains hormones that are unsuitable to the human system. Because our bodies don't recognise or understand what these foreign hormones are, it attacks them causing systemic inflammation and our bodies go into red alert to say the least.

3. "If you can't sleep, have a glass of milk"

Yes, this might be true.
But let's take a look at why this is true and ask ourselves if we still want to pursue this method.
Casein is a protein found in milk and has opium-like effects on the brain.
That is why cheese and creamy foods can make people feel sleepy and comforted.
Of course, this comfort food is sought after. The very name: Casomorphin, which is what you get when Casein is broken down, hints at the comforting properties of dairy. Which brings me to the next myth..

4. Dairy makes us snotty

Mucus is a medium to transport poisons out of the body. Casomorphin is under suspicion as a culprit for stimulating mucous secretion. This aggravates asthma and in some people, their sinuses. Many attest to improvement when avoiding dairy. Perhaps this is due to avoidance of the afore mentioned foreign hormones confusing the body.

5. But Milk has protein.

Yes. And so do many, many foods. The myth here is that dairy is the ultimate source of protein and calcium. However, if this is what the world insists is an essential source for protein and calcium, research results find:

"The protein content of the milk supplement may have a negative effect on calcium balance ...through an increase in kidney losses of calcium or through a direct effect on bone reabsorption.' - Recker and Heaney, in a research article titled The effect of milk supplements on calcium metabolism, bone metabolism and calcium balance.

It seems we have come back to the first point I've covered at the start- That dairy is not all we were promised it would be. It is actually robbing us of more calcium than it provides and confuses the body with hormones humans don't even make.

But tell me this- when times get tough, who would say no to custard or ice cream? Who would say no to melted cheddar, or gooey pizza?

How to Become Indifferent to Cravings

As a Kinesiologist, part of my job is changing people's resistance and struggle into an easy indifference towards the hold such food has on us. This does not require great will, or forcing avoidance. With EFT and Kinesiology, many clients have been surprised how their perceptions to addictive food have shifted in little time. Why not surprise yourself and contact me for a session to regain your free-will in the face of comfort foods?
For an honest review how possible this is, check this out:

Why Anger is Healthy!

Why Anger is Healthy!

"Temper, temper!"

Ever been told to "keep your temper"?
What happens if we do? I always remember the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland! He eventually exploded with rage.

Many grow up thinking that anger is not a virtue, that it's damaging to one's health and socially unacceptable to display. In this post I will explore 3 reasons why anger is healthy, help you to identify when anger becomes unhealthy and recognise what you can do about it.

Why is anger healthy?

1- Anger helps us define what we like and what we don't like. In other words, anger identifies our boundaries.

2- Helps you know who you are via your value system.
If we don't know what works for us and what doesn't, we can't connect with what kind of person we are. This is because our value system is built upon our priorities. Our priorities really pop out when we feel angry!

3- Anger helps you get in touch with your self-worth. It shows you that you feel you deserve better, or alerts you that something is out of alignment. This encourages you to ask for what you want, which when done towards the correct audience, affirms your deservingness.

When does it start to corrode our health?

Although anger is healthy and natural, STAYING angry is NOT healthy. Nor is it quite natural if it sets into the cells and becomes old.  It festers into resentment.

Anger is natural, yet we shun it because we are frightened of the consequences, we treat the feeling within us with shame, we suppress it till we explode. Some of us suppress it till it gives rise to other suppressed feelings which we disconnected from which  could turn into depression.

This happens when we experience a myriad of emotions without a voice, without a right or without a vent. As a result, the pressure builds up. We leave it in the dark corners, without honouring them or their messages regarding the value of who we are. This sends messages to our brain that we are undeserving!

 The physical consequences of resentment are: 

  • Digestive issues
  • Glandular imbalance 
  • Stresses the Liver
  • Depression
  • low tolerance threshold
  • Energy leak
  • Poor self-worth
  • Muddled thinking 
  • Self-sabotage

If only we were taught at school how to express anger and release it, as most of us are too afraid to do so and have no guidelines on how to do that step by step in an acceptable manner. Many of us have experienced that it is not safe to voice anger, or witness it.

Expressing anger appropriately 

Be clear with yourself about how you feel:

Once you understand your values (what is important to you) you will know when your own boundaries have been crossed when your values are unmet. This could be used to explain the reason for feeling angry.

You can also use this as a guideline to explain what you prefer and what matters in order for things to work for you.
Asking for what you want will help you feel better, be heard, and many times you'll find you get what you're asking for as a result of the clarity.

Remember- anger is often an inner alert to motivate you to receive what you want. The simplest way to that is to:

1. Know what you want
2. Ask for what you want. Be clear.
3. Make a decision where applicable.

Avoiding blame is a huge advantage to your anger being honoured and heard. This is because it means people don't have to run away, or duck when we cast stones at them. We can get straight to the point of asking for what we want. It also means they feel safe enough to listen and also hear what you're asking for.

Step by step phrases that can help you deal with anger :

  • "This ....(situation, event or circumstance) ... doesn't sit well with me.
  • It does not sit well with my values, which makes me feel ......(angry/uncomfortable etc....) and I prefer not to continue this anymore. For this ...(situation, event, or circumstance)... to feel right for me, I need ......"

Alternatively, fill in the blanks:

  • This does not sit well with me.
  • This does not sit well with me because ....... / (or) I feel ......... because .........
  • For things to work for me, I need/ prefer ........

Resist the temptation to use blame in the blanks!

How communicating anger benefits physical health.

  • Your self-worth increases
  • It is a sign of maturity
  • It allows room for compassion
  • It stops the anger having the upper hand and gaining power over you because you have voiced it.
  • You create better boundaries
  • You create better relationships

As a kinesiologist I support my clients to move past feeling guilt or shame regarding anger and assist them to metabolise various emotions. Using various protocols in Kinesiology and EFT, sessions target pushing old or stuck emotions out of the cells and replacing them with vital energy.

Ultimately clients can gain the clarity that is taking shape for them through their emotional experiences and discover how it enriches their lives without them feeling helpless.

To find out more about how I can help you click on the Treatments tab above or the  Contact Me tab.